Cute, Curvy Girlfriend Gets Taste Of Raw Animalistic Sex

“Hello there, sexy,” Rahul smirked while watching his curvy girlfriend get off her cab. He had come to pick her up below his apartment.

It was finally time for their well-planned sex trip. Being a hot 23-year-old with an extremely sharp tongue, Rahul could make a pussy squirm with pleasure. Because of the way he was, ladies were attracted to him.

As Ahana got off, Rahul couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was a beautiful, curvy 29-year-old lady, who had a nasty side that only Rahul knew of. She had a pretty face, dusky, light-brown skin tone. Her eyes were deep brown and her figure was one that one would kill for.

Rahul on the other hand was a young hot-shot. A good-looking face complimented his height which was around 6 feet. The way he worked out showed from his toned physique. He was successful in his business and seemed like a man who could make all your fantasies come to life.

She smiled at Rahul and planted a wet kiss right on his cheek while whispering in his ear, “I missed you, Rahul.” Her scent, the feel of her large breasts touching his chest and her wet warm tongue were enough to make Rahul’s 6 inches long, thick cock twitch in his pants.

The boner was visible and looking at it, Ahana brushed her hand gently over his pants. There was no one around and she was as wild as an animal in heat. “Let’s go and take care of this, shall we?” they walked towards the lift, holding each other’s hand.

As soon as the lift door closed, Rahul pinned Ahana to the edge and bit her neck. He was sucking it slowly, making it wet while one hand choked her and the other squeezed her massive tits over her red sleeveless top.

“Aaj tu meri hai bas, Ahana. Paagal kardunga chodke,” said Rahul as he kept on licking her neck like a wild dog, making her moan right there in his ear.

“Bohot intazar kia hai tera Rahul, aaj hum kutto jaise chudai karenge baby,” moaned Ahana as she spread her legs even further to rub her own cunt.

The lift opened and a middle-aged neighbour was looking at Rahul sucking Ahana’s neck. Rahul is the kind of guy he was, just turned around, held Ahana’s hand, and walked outside, not giving a shit about her. Ahana, the bitch was his to fuck, anywhere he wanted. And Ahana knew this.

Opening the door to his apartment, Rahul took off Ahana’s bag which carried her clothes for the weekend (barely anything), and kept it on the sofa.

*Now, the story in Rahul’s words.*

I held my girlfriend’s pretty face in my big rough hands, kissing her ever so gently. Sucking her lower lip, I let my tongue lick its way inside her mouth. Walking slowly towards the couch in my living room, I let her down on it.

The kiss grew passionate, wild. My erect cock started oozing precum as we kissed and licked each other. My tongue was exploring hers, playing inside her mouth as I stole kisses, sucking her lips, and tasting the wetness of her mouth.

I sucked Ahana’s tongue in my mouth and slowly licked it in mine. Some of the spit trickled down the side of my girlfriend’s lower lip, but I licked it off and kissed her wilder. My hands were all over her body, getting a feel of Ahana’s sexy physique.

Then I undress her. Ahana’s top went off first as my kisses started moving downward. I licked and traced my way to my girlfriend’s neck, sucking and giving her love bites all the way.

“Tu meri hai, Ahana. Bas meri,” I moaned as I bit her hard, hearing her scream in my ear. “Ahhh.. Haan Rahull, Haan baby.”

I took my girlfriend’s top off and unhooked her bra. Her tits sprung out with the beautiful nipples hard. Without wasting a moment, I pounced on them hungrily like a beast. Squeezing them hard in my hands, I sucked my gf’s milky, juicy tits.

I licked Ahana’s nipples in circles with my tongue and bit them. Giving her hickeys all over her tits, I came back and smooched her lips again.

“Just can’t get enough of you, Ahana.” I took off her pants, leaving her stark naked on my couch. My throbbing cock was waiting to be let free. I let her take my pants off while I removed my shirt. Looking at Ahana stroke my thick cock and planting slow, soft kisses on the wet precum laden tip turned me on.

I rubbed my thick cock over my girlfriend’s lips and slowly pushed it into her pretty little mouth. I grinded and stroked it over my lover’s tongue as my cock felt her lips tightening around it. I grew wilder as she kept sucking it hard, making it wet and hard.

I held the ends of the couch and positioned myself over Ahana’s face which was resting on the sidebar. I started fucking my girlfriend’s face, trying to stretch her throat deeper with every stroke. I watched her gag and choke on my thick cock.

The spit and cum were drooling out of Ahana’s mouth, going all the way down to her neck. Taking small breaks to let her breathe, I rubbed my sloppy cock all over herface and made her suck my big balls.

After a while of making my slutty girlfriend’s throat sore and seeing her pussy juice leak and stain the couch, I moved down with my thick cock, ready to pound the living shit out of her!

I went down and took a good lick on my girlfriend’s pussy, cleaning the dripping juices and sucking on her clit. I pushed two fingers inside Ahana’s cunt and turned them into a hook, rubbing her g-spot while she was enjoying the feel of my lips sucking on her clit. I watched Ahana cum hard after a few minutes of intense oral pleasure.

As my girlfriend was shaking and feeling the waves of pleasure, I turned her around and entered her from behind, pushing my hot pulsating cock deep inside her wet, pulsating cunt. The wetness, warmth, and tightness made my cock go wild and I began pounding my girlfriend hard with my balls slapping on her ass from behind with every stroke.

I was fucking my girlfriend in prone-bone. (To have sexual intercourse with a person who is lying on her (or his) belly. More precisely, to “bone” a “prone” person. – Editor).

Watching my girlfriend’s body shiver with every hard stroke, I pounded into her like a fucking hammer. My hot thick rod was stretching Ahana’s pussy. I pulled her neck back and kissed her deeply while being inside her. We both wee sweaty, wild, and horny for each other.

“Maza araha hai aise chudne me? I am going to breed you like this the entire weekend. You will be my filthy little whore moaning on this cock.”

“Your holes are going to be filled to the brim with my cum. I will plant my seeds deep in your womb, baby,” I said as I pulled my girlfriend’s hips back and banged her sweet love hole, making both of us moan in pleasure.

I licked her back as I started grinding, and moving my hips to penetrate deeper into her cunt. Feeling the raw pulsating cock inside her pussy, I sensed her pussy nearing another orgasm.

I started pounding my gf, keeping the same long pace. I felt my cock throbbing harder and harder as Ahana’s pussy wrapped tightly around my cock.

“Ahhh fuck, I am gonna cum in your sweet cunt baby-girl,” I said as I saw my girlfriend moan in pleasure. We both reached our climax. My cock was shooting spurts of a huge cum-load inside Ahana’s cunt.

I slowly kept stroking to enjoy the after-climax sex. My cock was still hard and was now fucking my girlfriend’s cum-filled cunt. I took it out slowly as I saw my juices leak out the side of Ahana’s pussy and smear on her inner thighs as she rubbed them together.

I moved towards Ahana and gave my cock in her mouth. “Clean it up well, baby.” I watched Ahana as she licked off the remaining cum like a hungry bitch. I bent down and gave my girlfriend a forehead kiss before sitting on the couch and letting her cuddle up naked over me. We both were sweaty, warm, and still horny for each other.

“A great start to a weekend, right?” I said as I watched Ahana play with the cum dripping out of her pussy, and rubbing it all over her crotch.


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